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Ford ignition problems

93 Ford Taurus ignition problem. Has a 3.8 L V-6 engine with 125,000 miles.
I replaced the ignition switch and the car started beautifully until I rotated the tires.
The car would not start. I could hear the fuel pump when I switched the ignition but that is the only noise.
After 45 min of trying, I disconnected the neg. battery cable for 10 mins.
It started right up.

Now after driving a day with no problems, the car won’t start again. It is acting like it did before the new switch.
I disconnected the neg. battery cable again for 15 mins. And the car started.
I am wondering if maybe the driver seat or the air bag sensor has something to do with why it locks out the ignition switch starting the car.
I saw a post somewhere that I ought to try replacing the ignition control module, could that be the problem.

Help ? I’m at wit’s end don’t want to get stranded again.


posted by  rmrian

that the ignition control module would be a great place to start. Especially if that is something you are capable of handling, it could somehow be getting a messed up signal and thusly not starting when it should, of course the removal of the negative battery cable will reset many computer errors and that may be the reason it works again for a time, but then it stops again, so the error is reoccuring after some time. Could be a crossed wire too then maybe.

posted by  Flame Roller

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