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Ok, start of the film, the nice silver skyline.

As he pulls up to the crowd, he revs his car, and for whatever reason *smoke* or *steam* come out of the site of his car, from what appear to be small outlets.

Does anyone have nay idea if you can actually but these kits? Or if there legal?

posted by  Rob_306

:laughing: sorry, I'm not going to rip on you because I'm sure this is a legitimate question...

The "smoke" or "steam" you see, is the nitrous system being purged...purging the nitrous system gets out any air pockets that develop in the lines while the system is not in use. Yes, there are kits...but you will have to buy a nitrous kit...btw, nitrous oxide does NOT="NOS", which is a brand and it stands for Nitrous Oxide Systems.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

haha :laughing:

posted by  speedy266

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