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I just got a hell of a nice 1990 Buick Electra Park Avenue. :smoke: Now the car is in great shape Interior and Extior. Only problem is there is a bit of rust near the bottom. nothing bigger than a nickel in size (with' and length) and there is only about 2 places on the bottom of the car where it is like that. Now call me crazy and all.... But i'm a fussy guy when it comes to my cars :screwy: , My wife can vouge for that,lol. :cussing: Now how is the best way to touch that up? or just get the rust stain off? in one area it's not even rust it's just a stain from it. Any help i'd appricate :thumbs:

Dan :hi:

posted by  helpmefixit

try a heavy grit rubbing compound for the rust stain, it should take it right off

posted by  dmills27ny

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