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hello everybody !

this is my first post in this forum, so first a big hello to everyone :).

i am not sure if this is the kind of question that can be posted in this section but i was wanting to know if someone has any ideas/solution to my problem:

i own a bottle green mazda 626 (1995 model). recently i saw a 2x2 inch section on my car hood where a layer had peeled off. first i thought this could be the paint coming off, but when i had a closer look, it was like some plastic/glossy stuff that had come off leaving behind a green non-glossy surface. i wish to know what exactly this problem is ? and is there any way to correct it ? a cheap way if possible :p.

i will try and post some pics if possible (or if this forum allows for it) to show what i exactly mean.

any advice/ideas are welcome. thanks a lot in advance.


posted by  pasha

From your description what's happenning is the clear coat is peeling off the base (color) coat, a common problem. The only way to repair it is to have a competent collision repair technician first evaluate the overall condition then decide if it can be spot painted (touched up) or if the car will need a complete repaint. Whatever you do don't put wax or glaze on or near the spot because if it can be repaired you're just adding preparation time for the tech and time equals money.

posted by  vwhobo

thanks a ton for the suggestion !

best regards

posted by  pasha

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