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I have a 1993 Saturn SL1 sedan manual transmission, it is a 4 cylinder and I have had since 1993, and just recently I found that when I shift from first to second gear, and second to third, etc. that the car kind of jerks, as if it doesn't seem to have enough power to continue. It actually jerks (sputter?) a bit after shifting, but I have found that if I step on the clutch long enough, and slowly ease up on it, it doesn't do it as much. It kinda freaks me out on the highway when I shift into 4th and the car kinda jerks like that for a bit. I have thought that it might be the fuel filter or air filter, but I supposedly had them changed at the automative place, but afterwards it still went through the whole jerking routine upon shifting. Any suggestions or ideas? It is possible that they didn't actually change the fuel filter or air filter though . . .this IS puerto Rico after all . . .

posted by  squee

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posted by  xand3r

Your clutch is burned out causing it to slip and car to jerk back and forth. Fuel filter and air filter have nothing to do with it at all.

posted by  xand3r

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