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My husband bought a car last night, a prelude, and drove it home 3 hours to our house. Car had been shut off several times and shut off just fine. I was driving back from the store, went to park to car, put car in reverse (car stalled because I am just learning how to drive). So I go to start the car back up and get NOTHING. We tried several times and got absolutely nothing, except maybe one clicking noise. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? :ticking:

posted by  cluelessprelude

The clicking noise is the relay, which is normal. The problem is either the alternator, the starter or the battery. If you can't push start it, it's the alternator; if you can't jump start it even with the battery disconnected, it's the starter. Otherwise you're in luck and it's the battery which you can have tested for free before you replace. Be sure to leave a backup battery plugged into the ciggarete lighter if the car was made after '93 to avoid problems with the computer.

posted by  xand3r

Once again you're spreading your own special brand of bullsh*t. Once again, STFU.

posted by  vwhobo

OH,I wish they all could be "California Girls" IDIOT :laughing:

posted by  lectroid

I'm sure I'm going to get flamed by someone, but so be it, I have to say this.

She says she put the car in reverse and stalled it because she's learning how to drive...now this sounds like a standard shift to me. She's learning how to drive...if it is a standard, did she remember to put the stick in neutral and push the clutch in before trying to start it? Assuming, of course, that it is in fact standard shift.

Sorry, but I had to say it.

posted by  KNTRDR

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