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Greetings to those reading this!

I recently purchased my Daytona CS, and it vibrates like crazy. It sounds and feels like a muscle car, which is kind of cool, but I'm losing power to it. My instructor told me (after doing some research on my car) that it was my balance shafts. After he explained how balance shafts worked, it made perfect sense. I've decided I want to spend some time in the driveway and set the timing, but I'd like to get an exact procedure from someone who knows the 2.2L turbo z engine, just to be safe. It does seem pretty easy though.

Also, I've stalled the car (automatic) 3 times, each time I've been going fast up to a corner, and braking/turning hard, then it just stops dead. I cannot for the life of me figure this out. If anyone has an idea, I'd love some help.

Thanks a bunch!!

posted by  Bloody August

My guess would be that your spark plugs aren't clean enough and the battery is too weak so that when you are breaking and steering hard there isn't enough power going to the coil to generate a good spark. It would also explain why the car is running rough. This time of year when it starts getting cold again is when many batteries give out... Reminds me of my friend's piece of shit beamer: step on the breaks and the radio turns off! :laughing:

posted by  xand3r

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