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I'm looking for some technical assistance with installing keyless entry in my wife's 2002 2WD/4D Kia Sportage SUV. I've removed the interior door panel on the driver's side hoping that the wiring would be pretty simple stuff, but suprisingly I can't make head nor tails of what I'm seeing. Heck, I can't even find what wiring specifically controls the doorlocks and all of them are electric. NOTE - There aren't any buttons interiorally that control the doorlocks; but all four locks can be locked or unlocked either by pushing or pulling the locks or by turning the doorlock keys right or left. Hmmm, am I making sense? :doh:

posted by  Jeff Osborne

Hmm... I think it needs a new car that isn't a Kia :laughing:

posted by  xand3r

[QUOTE= Hmmm, am I making sense? :doh:[/QUOTE]
Yes you are. Take it to a PRO before you F it up. If you get my drift. :wink2:

posted by  lectroid

Does all remotes interchange between the years of 99-2004 or does serial # make a differnce of what model you have if the remote works or not?

posted by  sportageman

If they're already electric, you don't need to touch the doors. Just find the central control unit, then add a remote module to that....

[EDIT]: my bad ... didn't realise the oldness of the thread :banghead:

As for the new question .... ????

posted by  windsonian

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