rover 214 with a broken heater, and it's winter (brrrrr)!

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I have a rover 214SLI, M reg, 5 door. My heaters don't work. When the air is coming in from outside and the dial is set to 0 a vague amount of warm air comes through, when you turn the heater to 1 or above the air just goes cold. I don't know a huge amount about cars but i have flushed the system with rad flush and that did not help. as far as i can tell all of the water pipes around the engine, including the ones that go through into the car are hot. the temperature guage of the car is as normal and i don't know what else to try. some friends suggested the thermostat but would that make the car overheat? i asked rover over the phone and they say it maybe the head gasket. the gasket went last christmas and i had it repaired (skimmed etc.) and it has been fine since. a month ago it would not start in the morning but i got new leads and now it's fine. any help would be grateful as i really don't have much money to pay for people to look. if you like you can email me at,

Thanks kindly

Paul :banghead:

posted by  paulkenna1@aol

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