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Help! I'm looking for an electical whizz kidd. I realize my lack of brain matter, so please nice.
I dropped a tool in the engine bay, and my luck as it is, it landed against the starter connectors on the way down. After the fireworks I said..oh oh. :ohcrap: I knew this wasn't good. When is it?
I have a 1993 Ford Ranger(no ford jokes) 4x4 4.0 v6 auto. I tested the relay as the book suggeted, it failed the test(if I did it right). So, that's new now. Still won't start. I shorted the terminals and the starter "wizzed" and scared me a little! So there is power to the starter. No fuses are blown and none are assigned to the starter specificaly.
Any thoughts? (about my problem ok?)

posted by  Gilbert

I wouldn't guess the electrical system would be too complicated on a 93 Ranger. Not sure what electrical damage the tool would have caused other than burn out a relayfrom a heavy current draw. If the starter makes a "Whizz" sound it's not engaged to the flywheel. What used to be the "Bendix Drive" On Ford it's a plantary type gear arrangement on the starter not engaging the flywheel. It's a mechanical thing, so I'm not sure how the tool shorting the starter connection caused it, but you'll have to remove the starter to replace / repair it. Again if the starter sounds like it's running real fast, but the engine's not turning it's that engagement mechanism. :ticking:

posted by  Comanderbob

Your right, it is a simple system. That's why I was baffled, couldn't find a break anywhere, no burned wires or fuses.The wires from the relay showed continuity and power. I pulled the starter out and found the solinoid screws had backed themselves out. :screwy: I think the solinoid has to fully engage for power to go to the motor. Maybe there is a relay type of connection inside that connects power?? After I did this it starts.

Thanks for replying.

posted by  Gilbert

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