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I Have a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer, and about 3 or 4 months ago I got the intake manifold gasket replaced, to the tune of 400 dollars. Coolant was leaking and it had a burning smell coming from enging(coolant being burnt) so I had to get it taken care of. Anyway, 4 months later(now), it still smells like burning sometimes. Also, the temperature gauge on the dash, which used to skyrocket due to lack of coolant, now stays at 100ยบ, which is starting place for it.....basically it doesnt move. Is it suposed to move? I drive it for a half hour and still it stays at where it was when i started it. Maybe this is connected with the burning smell that appears everytime I run car? It is not so strong that i can smell it from inside, but rather when I get out of car. I just want to make sure its nothing serious like my radiator not getting coolant, and having to replace it. The coolant hasn't moved like at all for a few months. Wondering if it is maybe clogged, i dont know....any help would be great, thanks.

posted by  s37d

the thermometer is broken, albeit that may sound quite obvious (as VWHOBO seems to think I am sometimes) I am just trying to help, and since you were not sure whether it is supposed to move or not... well it is supposed to. Also I drove a 99 Alero for sometime and heard from many sources there is an intake gasket issue with it, and thusly when mine started leaking coolant, or overheating I decided to look into getting that fixed. Well I had an auto shop teacher in HS that told me that his problem recurred, more than once also, I am not sure if he just doesn't have a good mechanic working on his car, or if there is something more to it. I would look into the same possibility as before, and if nothing else get your thermometer fixed soon, so you are at least sure you aren't running red zone numbers under the hood.

P.S. Another person did have an issue with his cherokee recently where his car was running real hot, and it turned out to be a radiator clog, so I'd check that out too, either by a dealer, or run some clog remover for radiators through there and do a flush. Check and see by the flush if there are any thick substances, or dirt, etc.

posted by  Flame Roller

The thermometer is broken? What, is he checking the temperature outside his house? Maybe you mean the temperature guage. How did you come to that conclusion, your many years of automotive repair experience? How do you know his thermostat isn't stuck open or not installed? What does your Alero or your auto shop teacher have to do with his Blazer? If he had a clogged radiator like the guy with the Cherokee why would the guage be indicating a low temp instead of high?

Flame Roller, I've given you these instructions before. This time read and heed them lest you become a "Car-Forums Identified Idiot".

THINK, TYPE, SUBMIT :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

My thermometer is broken also, how do I fix it?

posted by  lectroid

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