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I purchased a 2000 ZX2 on 9/11/04. Over the weekend I had a accident and there was substanital damage to the front end. I went to 5 different body shops and they all said I was missing the reinforcement bar to my front bumper. I tried calling the dealer back and explaining basically he gave me an unsafe car to drive. Is there any recourse I can take on the dealer. I live in WA state :cussing:

posted by  ZX2girl

1. The dealer didn't give you anything, you bought it and signed all the legal paperwork to cover his ass. Most likely you bought a car with no warranty but that's not important because...

2. Any warranty you may get from a dealer 99.99% of the time only covers mechanical defects not cosmetic or structural defects.

3. You can take him to court (or threaten to) but the only way you can prevail is if you can prove that the dealer knew the vehicle was structurally unsound. The only way you're going to prove it is basically to get him to admit to it. Now ask yourself this. What do you think the chances of that are?

4. At any rate, the lack of a bumper reinforcement didn't cause the accident but I'll bet tailgating did. It's not the dealers fault that you wrecked your car so... What exactly is it you want from the dealer besides someone to blame your problems on?

posted by  vwhobo

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