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my '91 mitsubishi eclipse shakes/vibrates badly when i am waiting at a red light, what is the problem?

posted by  C4LV1N

C4LV1N, this is your fourth post on these forums and I can tell you without a doubt the major problem with your car is that it has an idiot behind the wheel.

Seriously, how do you expect ANYBODY to give you a reasonable answer to that question with the absolute dearth of supporting information you have supplied?

posted by  vwhobo

Come on! Quick fix. Don't stop at red lights,you moron. Why didn't you think of that vwhobo? :laughing:

posted by  lectroid

HAHAHAHA I like that answer....

posted by  93TaurusOwner

Lectroid is great isnt he? :laughing: :hi: Funny old bastard!

posted by  DodgeRida67

It's NOT the Tires!!

i.e. They are not turning when you are standing at the lights - nor is the diff, the drive shaft(s) or most of the transmittion. In fact the only thing moving is the engine and part of the transmission.

First see if it still shakes when it is in neutral/park. If so, then it sounds like what we would call "rough idle". Try adjusting the "idle mixture". If you don't know what that is or can't find it or don't have one, you need to see a mechanic.

As previously stated, not enough info! When did you last have the fuel injectors cleaned? When were the plugs last changed? Are you sure it's not also running rough at higher revs? If you give us more information you will get better answers from people much more qualified than me - good luck.

posted by  KenF

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