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Hi guys!

I am about to buy Nissan Sentra XE 92, 4Dr. The car is in good condition but my concern is regarding Timing Belt/Chain.

Does anyone have an idea if this car need Belt or a Chain, I have heard that if its a chain I should NOT think about replacing it until it that true?

the car has 123000 miles on it, and the seller is claiming that he checked (belt/chain) at 90,000 and at 120,000 miles and it was fine....! I dont think you can actually 'Check' this part until you open the complete engine..

any help would be appreciated!


posted by  malik

The engine in your car, whether it's a 1.6 or a 2.0 (handy info to have, you should have offered it) has a timing chain not a belt. I highly doubt the chain was checked at any mileage. There is no factory recommended replacement interval, but... Experience shows that the tensioners start to go bad around 100k to 110k miles. The chain then begins to flop around and cut a groove into the timing cover. It's not unusual to see a timing cover cut through at about 125k miles. Once that happens the chain usually breaks or damages the oil pump. As you might expect, at this point it's getting really expensive. Look very closely at the engine in the area behind the alternator for oil leakage as that's where the cover breaks through first. Most often buyers are told it's "only a leaky valve cover gasket". Also listen closely for the timing chain at idle. If you're unfamiliar with the sound have someone who is and you can trust check it for you.

Other than this one problem a Sentra of that vintage is a fine little car with no major weaknesses. Consider yourself helped.

posted by  vwhobo

Thanks alot! you were RIGHT!

The oil was leaking and it was NOT from the Gasket! And the guy never told me!

posted by  malik

it has a timing belt, There is no real way to check it. I would replace it to be on the safe side.

posted by  barretire

What the f*ck is wrong with you? Are you stupid? Can you read? It has a timing CHAIN.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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