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Lately my 91 Nissan Maxima SE (V6, 3.0L, automatic transmission) has been idling in what seems to be a higher idle than normal when I first start it (regardless of how hot or cold the engine temp is) or when I shift it back into park after driving.
Normally the idle in park is a little under 1,000rpm (I would guess like 8-900) but lately its been idling at like 1500rpm or more. And then when the car does warm up (if it was cold) it does not drop and instead keeps idling, almost as if I am depressing the gas pedal a little. Then when I drop it into gear (reverse, or drive) it drops like 1000rpms and I can feel my engine kind of rumble and shake slightly as it drops. It just doesn't feel right. Could this be a serious problem in the making?? Is there some kind of sensor that controls how my car idles and may be going bad??
Also, is there any possibility of it being caused by a timing belt? Does that have anything to do with idle? Because when it does drop and rumble, it kind of feels like the cylinders aren't pumping in sync for that moment or two.
Please help! :ohcrap:

posted by  LMaRiE91MaXiMa

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