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Hello Everyone,
I have a 88 chevy celebrity wagon, auto trans, V-6 2.8l, a/c. From a stop i try to take off and there is slow acceleration, almost a spit and sputter effect, i was wondering what this may be and how to go about fixing this. When i bought the car the cat. convertor was removed and replaced with straight pipe. I have done fuel filter, spark plugs and wires. What else may need to be done to correct this problem? I appreciate all the help that any of you can offer me. This problem didnt start untill about 2 months after i bought the car, $200, and it is really a bother to me.

Thank you for your time with this problem,
puppy boi

If you have questions feel free to ask or e-mail me...loztandfoundpupp@aol.com

Again, thank you!

posted by  puppy boi

hello everyone,
i just cam back to check my post to see if any answers have been given yet. i know it takes time to deal with these things and i will be patiant!

thank you for the help you can give on this matter

posted by  puppy boi

yep, just me again looking in to see if anyone has came up with any ideas.! :banghead:

posted by  puppy boi

any suggestions on where i should go to get help with this problem besides to a mechanic?

posted by  puppy boi

i have gotten suggestions but have still figured nothing out.

maybe i should place this under a differant section of this forum?

any ideas of where else i can go for help besides a mechanic?

thanks everyone.

posted by  puppy boi

light has never been on....but light bulb is good!

posted by  puppy boi

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