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My car ran great with no signs of trouble at all then suddenly wouldn't start up. I'm told theres no spark from plug #1. I have had all the plugs and wires changed, a new distributor cap, new coil, new modulator and even got a (not sure what it's called) but it plugs into the distributor from a junk yard since it isn't stocked in the stores. Nobody seems to know whats wrong just that something isn't "sparking." Does anyone have ANY ideas what could be wrong???? HELPPPPPP :-)))

posted by  Trissy

Make sure all your wires are connected firmly into the distributer cap and any wires to the coil etc. If you removed the wires, check the connections for the correct firing order.I don't know how your checking to see if there is spark or not. But, let's say they didn't check it correctly and move to the next step: Gas. Are you getting fuel to the engine? A quick way to tell is to spray a small amount of starting fluid into the the throttle body, take off the air filter, and try to start the car. Don't spray and spray! Starting fluid is very flammable, stand away when the engine is cranked over. If it starts and then stops, you're not getting fuel. It could be a clogged fuel filter or a bad fuel pump.Check your fuses to all related systems.Distributer, fuel pump etc.
Could you be out of gas???
Good luck.

posted by  Gilbert

Wellllll..... my dad came over with some sort of thing with a light on the end and I guess if theres a spark there the light will come on and it didn't. I had a friend who put a screwdriver into the plug and touched it to metal as I tried to start it and it didn't spark as he said it should. The very first thing I did was put 2 gallons of gas into it just in case (the gas gauge doesn't work) but that didn't work and it still wouldn't start. I'm pretty positive that the plug wires are on the correct places since we did them one by one and length matched each new one to the old one. I know it just has to be something really simple if it could just be found! The car runs really good and there was absolutely no problems prior to it deciding not to start. I will mention (tho i'm not sure it matters) that it was a really rainy day. I drove it in the morning in the rain and that afternoon it wouldn't start up. Thanks so much for answering!! I was beginning to think nobody would :-))

posted by  Trissy

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