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Hello again, I'm having a stall problem with my stang. Turn on the vehicle it idles at around 700-800. Once the engine warms up after driving, any time I come to a quick stop or make a quick turn linke into a parkingspot, the engine stalls. And after the engine is warm and I come to a stop the engine will eventually stall, sometimes it may take a bit longer but it will eventually stall. Any ideas? Also having a truck problem I'll post that one next.

posted by  refueler1

I have an 89 Mustang 5.0 thats seems to do exactly the same thing. It seems to be more frequent in hot weather >80, note my engine is not running hot as it has a new radiator. This does not seem to happen on 40 degree days. Have you been able to solve the problem. THe service guy told me everything seems fine, but I know it will stall again 3-4 times on my way home from work.

posted by  89mustangconv

fords are famous for ignition module problems,the tfi modules ,erratic idle and stalling are a couple of signs.BUT i saw once a 4 litre 1997 explorer that would do that and it was a dirty air cleaner.a mechanic where i used to work said it had to be the ecm,but after the air cleaner was changed ,worked perfect.the cause is that if the air sensor gets a reduced flow,it thinks high altitude and leans the mixture ,eventually kills the engine.check the air cleaner,iac ,plugs,wires,
and wiring connectors.

posted by  the lobster

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