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Hi everyone. I posted this problem yesterday on the boards but i'm going to try one more time. My 84 Grand Marquis won't start. It ran great the last time I drove it with absolutely no indication of a problem. It was a rainy day the last time I drove it. That afternoon it wouldn't start. I, (being just an ignorant female lol) thought maybe I had just gotten something wet. My dad came over with a little tool that tests for sparks and said there is definately something not sparking. I have since replaced the distributor cap, coil, modulator, plugs and wires to no avail. I even had to go get this piece that plugs into the distributor from a junk yard since it isn't stocked in stores. It still won't start and there still is no spark. I just don't know what to do now! I now can point out more parts in an engine than I ever knew existed.... so much for ignorant bliss!!! If ANYONE out there knows of anything else that could be causing this problem I would REALLY appreciate a post letting me know. Thanks so much!

posted by  Trissy

Hi, first of all need more imfo,what motor is it ? maybe we can help then ,Sorry . Slim

posted by  Slimone

More than likely a 5.0.

I hope you don't mean what's pictured in the attachment. Not a good choice to buy from a junkyard.

I suggest to stop replacing parts at random and check power to ignition coil. Taking this advice will save you money.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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