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I have a 91 Ford Probe that will not turn over. The alternator and battery have been checked and are fine. What else would make it not work. It makes a clicking noise when it tries to start. I am running out of idea's. Someone please help.

posted by  dayzdreamer

I'd get your starter looked into, and see if that may be the problem.

posted by  Flame Roller

The Clicking is often the Starter "solenoid" (remote/relay switch) switching on and off. The Solenoid is usually built onto the starter in most modern cars and is replaced as a unit. If it is the problem check around and see if anyone will supply it seperate.

The solenoid will click on/off if there is not enough power to hold it on. When it closes it supplies power to the starter (Big draw) and if your battery is flat there will not be enough current. Therefore the solenoid will release. Since you still have your finger on the starter, the solenoid will then re-activate - and the cycle continues, causing the "clicking sound".

First, check for dirty battery terminals - remove them. Give them and the posts a good scape (till they shine) and replace them. (twist them down firmly). Next check for loose wires on the starter/solenoid - the solenoid connector is often loose in the casing so it may move a bit with the wire but only a couple of degrees then it should stop and you can tell that it is (or isn't) firmly connected to the wire.

Charge your battery. Try boosting from another vehicle. If that doesn't work crawl under the car and remove the starter (disconnect battery ground cable first) usually 2 bolts - remove the electrical wires first if you can but often you can't reach them with the starter "in situ". Take the starter to an auto-electrics specialist or to a parts store that will test it for you. Shop around, it may just be dirty contacts and we used to just clean and replace (don't think anybody does that now!)

This is my 2 cents but I am not an expert. Hopefully this will save you some money. At least if you do have the shell out the big bucks you'll know it wasn't wasted.

P.S. The starter assembly is heavy! When you pull the bolts keep your face out of the way in case it slips from your grasp!!

posted by  KenF

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice. It helps me out alot.

posted by  dayzdreamer

change the solenoid

posted by  barretire

Don't tell anyone to waste their time/money/efforts changing anything unless you go through the proper diagnoses with them first.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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