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I had a new clutch fitted on my 1989 Escort in the last few days. The previous clutch had clearly worn and was slipping considerably. However, the new clutch is causing problems. When engaging 1st gear the biting point is miniscule and difficult to control, and regardless of the level of revs, high or low, the take-up is very sharp and tries to jump the car forward. Also, again regardless of the revs, the car judders and shudders violently upon the engagement of 1st gear. It feels as if the car is shaking to pieces. When moving into 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear the sharpness of the engagement and the judder/shudder is still there but less apparent. Once moving the car is fine with no unusual noises, although the pull of the car is not as good as I would have expected.
I have been driving cars for over 20 years although I have never driven a car with a new clutch. All my previous cars and clutches have been smooth to engage gear, with a reasonable amount of biting point plus no judder whatsoever. Are these symptoms normal? Or do I have a problem?
Any help, advice or suggestions will be greatly received.

posted by  gusfoe

Does anyone out there have any info on this problem?
Many Thanks

posted by  gusfoe

It has been my experience that most of the time when you get a bad shudder on launch, with a good new clutch, the problem is in the throw-out bearing.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Did you get any oil on the clutch when installing it, Have you checked the slave cylinder.

posted by  barretire

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