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1986 Buick Electra Park Avenue (a.k.a. 1986 Buick Electra & Park Avenue)

The heater doesn't blow air. Tested the blower fan at plug for continuity and it tested good.

Climate control touch panel was tested and working as well.

Haven't checked relays, don't know what to check them for but do have them.

Can anyone tell me what to check for with the relays? Can anyone tell me any other place I should be checking if the relays are ok? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

posted by  wraithe

Checked all fuses and they are good. With blower disconnected it has continuity between positive terminal and chassis ground. Are there any other components linked to the heating system that can go out other than the relays, fuses, & climate control touch center?

posted by  wraithe

Are you working with a wiring diagram?

To test a relay, you can measure the resistance of the coil. ~75 ohms could be a rough idea of what you might get.

Also measure the voltage at the terminals. You want to check if the coil is getting energized, but more importantly if the switch in the relay is getting closed. So measure that last terminal that is finally supposed to get power when the relay gets energized. (The terminals are usually marked on the relay). This is, of course, assuming a normally open type relay, which most I've seen tend to be.

Another thing you could try is just extract a non-essential and identical relay from another circuit (if you have one) and substitute it and see if things work.

If I understand your update, you're not getting power to your blower motor? You should take a peek at the wiring diagrams in your local parts store. You need to know what comes before the blower motor so you can check it out.

posted by  JaneiR36

sorry... continuity to ground at the positive terminal tells us nothing about a malfunction. If, for instance, the negative terminal is normally connected to ground, with no current flowing through the motor (ie, w/the terminal disconnected), BOTH the positive and negative terminals would obviously be at the same voltage. You need the wiring diagram to determine if this is a problem at all.

Do you have a multimeter, by the way?

Measure the voltage at the harness leading up to the blower motor (with blower/fan ON). That's what will tell you if there's power coming in.

posted by  JaneiR36

Yes, I used a blower motor, we never had power getting to the fan. Turns out instead of a relay (which I had before and it was for the rear defrosters) there was a blower motor control module that went bad. Went down, picked up a new one and its good as new. Got a new blower motor just in case. Thanks for tips though.

posted by  wraithe

Definately sounds like a relay, You will need a book for this one.

posted by  barretire

You never learn do you? Why the f*ck won't you read and realize the problem has been solved already and everyone is moved on? :banghead: Idiot.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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