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We just bought a 1991 Ford Tempo. We were so happy with it at first. Then, within one day the left side window of the driver's seat would not go up or down. We have found the part needed and will have it fixed. Now, just three weeks after buying the car, this horrible sound has started. It sounds like metal is dragging. It only happens with street driving, not on the highway. Could someone please help? I am about to go to a mechanic to have the window fixed and don't want to have to pay a diagnostic fee to tell us what the dragging sound is. Please if anyone knows what this sound is from, tell me! :O)

posted by  jomavesa

It is very difficult to diagnos sounds online even with alot of detail about the sound. With as little detail as you provided us with, it only makes it harder and makes the margin of error to our guesses wider.

Describe everything you know about this noise. Speeds it occurs, Speeds it goes away, where it seems to come from, ect.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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posted by  williamtcourtne

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posted by  vwhobo

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posted by  williamtcourtne

in this case you havent described it well enough to be certain.

however, a common speed related problem would be the cv joints

what they would often do is click from the front side of the car in the same speed range when they begin to go out.

describe the noise and vibration better and when it occurs.

however the word dragging does seem to describe brakes

posted by  stamar

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