98 Cavalier problems!

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PLEASE HELP, i was told that any cavalier below the year 2000, that i could safely change the radio; with-out all the security bs.. today i put in my aftermarket cd player. the car worked fine all day, but when i went to get a pack of smokes a a local store, the car wouldn't start, wouldn't turn over, no alternator, no noise at all. The light was going off and on too. So my brother came down and jumped the car, which worked... So i was heading home, and the E Brake light came on, and then the Anti Lock Break light came on, and then when i would hit the break my dome light shut off. I got to my ally where i park, and the check engine light came on and the car died, now it won;t start again.. WTF is going on here? this has never happened before, so i am assuming it was because i put a new cd player in???? any suggestions? thanks guys...

posted by  iceman3099

Its fixed, but thanks for looken, helpen...it was the battery as weird as it sounds....

posted by  iceman3099

check for a crossed wire or loose ground on your battery

posted by  barretire

There you go again, wasting your time. Slow down zippy, read more than the first post in a thread.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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