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:banghead: :screwy: I need some help, when I brake at higher speeds 45mph and above I get vibration in the brake pedal. I have replaced with new the front brake pads/shoes and rotors and the rear drums. After I replaced the rear drums the problem was not as bad but its still there. The rear brakes are like new so I havnt replaced those.Checked the cv joints and bushes all look fine I have no idea what causes this the car just feels like its shaking when it comes to a stop unstead of smooth braking to a stop.

posted by  radiomanuk

Hi, there is a few things that can do that ,out of round drums , warped rotors,also tires being low on air pressure can make it feel worse, I see you replaced drums and not shoes ,how does the shoes match to the drums? just a couple things to look at . good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

Thanks for the info the tire pressure is per manufacturer spec 32psi all tires also I torqued all the lug nuts to 45 with a torque wrench as this could have been one reason new rotors and drums all wheels new front brakes and shoes only thing I havnt done is put new brakes and shoes on the rear tires not sure if this could fix it im reluctant to keep spending money on a problem without really knowing what it is but may have to do on a trial and error basis to fix it! :thumbs:

posted by  radiomanuk

Well the manual for the car says to torgue the lug nuts at 45 so thats what there set at.Over tightening can cause vibration according to the manual so setting it any higher would cause problems.The rear brakes look almost new so I havnt replaced them but maybe replacing the rear brakes and shoes may fix it?

posted by  radiomanuk

Assuming you have a hand brake (emergency brake) get the car up to 45 or so and lightly apply it while holding the release button in. No vibration, no rear brake problem. Although you replaced the front rotors, they could still be warped, check for runout and resurface if necessary. Also, new drums and rotors come with a protective coating on them. It's always best to clean new drums and rotors with a brake parts cleaner before installation.

posted by  EricC

I would check your rotors again, sometimes new rotyors get warped on the shelf

posted by  barretire

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