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I had my Honda Accord 97's leaking water on the floor in front of driver's seat. The puzzling thing is that it doesn't always happen when it rains, but now many times when it rains. It happened every several weeks. Sometimes it happened when it rained, 2-3 times happened when it didn't rain at all. The mechanics recommended me to hire them, opened the front hood of the car($200) and start from what they will find there later. Do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance!

posted by  boyz

Are you sure it is water and not coolant?

posted by  barretire

I'm not sure if this could be the case where you are, but if you were running your AC or possibly even just the defrost, you may have a blocked AC condensate drain. usually no big deal. crawl underneath, and near the firewall, there will be a drain tube. using a coat hanger or other similar tool, see if there's blockage.

--word of advice-- make sure your face isn't under it when you try to clear the blockage. Ask me how I know.

I'm sure that is what they recommend.

AC condensates are notorious for this problem.

other possibilities are less pleasant. Heater core. begin by dropping steering column, then remove dash and dash supports. it get's ugly after that. ;-)

Since you said that it had happened when it was not- raining, I am thinking it's not a rain leak that is going on.


posted by  slickbrick

I had a similar situation in one of my cars. What was happening was the rain was entering the roof area around the front window and would collect in a place where it couldn't get to the interior. when the car was parked at a different angel it would find a way out and drip on the floor. I had the window resealed and the problem went away...Hope this helps

posted by  inmavt2


I have a similar problem too, but the water in my car accumulates on the floor in front of the right hand side back seat. It seem to only happen because of rain. It seems to me that driving through puddles is enough to get water inside. And keeping my car still under rain is also enough. I've never seen water on the walls or doors. Does anyone have a suggestion for me?


posted by  roman

I've got the EXACT same problem. I'm gonna jack up the car and squirt a hose at it... Let me know if you get it solved.

posted by  honda1818

the drains in the door could be plugged.if water builds up,it will force it to travel down the door panel,and drip INSIDE the car.the other thing,depending if your car is old,there could be a crack in the rear wheel housing.a trunk leak can also drain down in behind the back seat into the cabin.

posted by  the lobster

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