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I own a 1993 Mitsubishi Galant, 4-door, 4-cylinder, automatic transmision. I know very little about transmissions. My problem is after driving about an hour I pull into gas station and shifter will not go into park. It never had problems before. (I did remember that underside front of car hit/scraped on a steep driveway I backed out of on that the time it didn't seem like a severe bottoming out.)

I asked a mechanic about it & he thought problem would be in the shifter inside the car, I took it apart, detached shifter from cable/rod that goes to transmission. The rod would not push into the park position, it shifted to all other gears fine, but could not even be forced into park. Can anyone help? Any thoughts?

I can force it enough to release the key, but the transmission does not go into park.

posted by  ccrigler

Try adjusting your linkage

posted by  barretire

I just got the same problem following hitting a curb, frontal underside collision.
Did you find a way to easily fix it? If not, anyone else have suggestions?


posted by  veritedefolie

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