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Vehicle: 93 Isuzu Rodeo, V6, 3.2L, 4wd, Fuel Injected.

I am having problems my gauges. The tachometer especially - for quite some time now it has been jumpy as if it cant get an accurate reading. Something I find odd is it doesnt jump at all when just sitting at 0 mph and reving it up - I have to get the vehicle moving and at least to 2500 rpm.

My other gauges (temp, oil pressure, voltage) are also jumpy but not so bad. At times it is even hard to tell, you almost have to stare at them. One day my temp gauge went way up and I freaked out thinking I was overheating - well I let go of the gas pedal right away to pull over and right away it went back to the middle where it normally is at. (?) I kept driving and as I sped up it steadily climbed, I would slow down and it would go back to normal.

Another thing now is my turn signal (only the left though) - almost everytime I use it it doubles in speed. I know that when you have a burnt out turn signal light bulb they speed up but mine arent burnt out. Sometimes it blinks really fast for both front/back lights and sometimes only the back one or it will be blinking normally while I am waiting to turn left and then suddenly it is going crazy blinking really fast, or vice versa. This I've also noticed it tends to do more when it rains or when it is more humid out.

If someone could help I'd appreciate it very much.

posted by  hobie01

chaqnge the flasher relay

posted by  barretire

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