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I have a 1990 Pontiac 6000, 3.1L engine, four door, with Air conditiioning.
I have came to a four way stop , and while going to take off the car stalled.
I went to restart it and all I got was that it would turn over but not catch.
I have since replaced the fuel pump, coil pack, and computer, also a mechanic changed the Crankshaft sensor. Still having the same problem.
I have a car starter in it, prostart, and am wondering if anyone has experienced this before and if they were able to figure out the problem.
Thank you

posted by  Gumby64

Replaced parts aside, what is lacking when you crank the engine? Fuel pressure, injector signal, spark, or compression?

posted by  EricC

The mechanic said it was getting spark and gas , everything was fine up to the fuel injectors.

posted by  Gumby64

Sorry but did the mechanic check the timing belt?

posted by  barretire

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