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Hey everyone. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on this can help. First off there is a car that a lady is trying to sell, she works for my dad. It's a red 1990 Toyota Celica GT with a little over 100k miles on it. It's been sitting since summer. She stopped driving it because of a braking problem. It's a 5 speed manual. When you step on the brake the car shuts off. I called the local mechanic and he said its probably a hose problem and that really all that needs to be done is cut some new hose and drop it in. I then went to the auto parts store to ask about the problem and they said the only "brake vacuum" related thing for that car is a brake vacuum booster...which the part is $211.50. The lady only wants 200 bucks for the car anyway which I figure for the condition its in is a huge steal. Also the sunroof motor burned out but I'm not too worried about that. Anyway, thanks for the help if you can!

posted by  lazer

Step on the brake pedal, vacuum leak, boom engine dies! Leak in brake booster. $211.50!

posted by  DodgeRida67

yeah thats exactly what i was hoping it wasnt. i now work at a radio shack/mechanic shop and the mechanic there said its probably just a leak in the hose and not the booster. and carquest has a booster for 211.50...dang japs want too much money :banghead:

posted by  lazer

Take the vaccuum line off the brake booster and plug it off soehow then start car and step on brake if it still stalls change hose, If not change booster.

posted by  barretire

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