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Yo, I got a problem with my truck. I dunno what the hell is wrong with it, but when i'm goin down the road, after i hit about 2500 rpm's, the engine starts sputtering and i lose power... at first i thought it was a compressions problem so i replaced the spark plug wires and spark plugs, then when that didn't work i replaced the fuel filter, that didn't work... now i'm lost... can anybody help me? thx, da fat kid

posted by  ChargerFanatic01

Well, well, well. Installing new plugs and wires will fix a "compression problem". I learn something new every day.

Without pertinent vehicle information I won't even touch this. If you want help provide more info.

posted by  vwhobo

Alrighty.... i don't know what you mean by "pertinent" info.. but its 4 cyl, 2.6 liter, single barrel carb, um.... yea... i'm slow

posted by  ChargerFanatic01

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