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(93 Isuzu Rodeo, V6, 3.2L, 4wd, 5speed, 141k)


I am running into another problem now, I have noticed a small oil leak develop a few days ago right behind the oil pan. It only seems to leak when the engine is running so I got under the vehicle and it doesn't seem to be from the oil pan but from behind a black plate that covers the bottom part of the transmission. This plate I assume doesnt need a gasket or anything because there is a small gap there and even a bolt missing on one end.

Anyway, the oil leak is small (droplets will develop slowly) and it is a clear thin oil - I am not sure if it is engine oil? Well, the oil from the engine itself is about 2000 miles old so obviously its not going to be from that and around that whole area it looks pretty clean. Once in a while it feels harder to get the gears in, especially first when im stopped but I had the clutch replaced about a year ago.

NOW, I had it checked out, and they told me it "could" be the main bearing seal, and "possibly" the rear seal, which I very slightly have an idea what they are talking about but they couldnt seem to give me a straight answer other than that and 650.00 to do the job. They also said that the oil level in the tranny is full. After the "diagnosis" I went home and I looked under it and there was droplets of antifreeze in that same area. It seems like they may have done something to it cause it wasn't doing that before and today, the same. So now there is both droplets of antifreeze and oil coming from behind that plate. Can someone please help?

posted by  hobie01

Could be your rear main

posted by  barretire

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