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My Corolla has 126,000 miles on it and is in need of a major tune up. It also needs its timing belt changed, its quite over due(accourding to the previous owner its never been replaced). Should I just give it the tune-up($300) then the timing belt, probaly gonna take another month before i have another $300 saved for the timing belt or just go straight to the timinmg belt. I was just gonna wing it and get the tune-up. I'm just thinking its held up this long, why not another month? What do you guys think? :thumbs:

posted by  Morphias87

I would replace the belt, before anything else. Youv'e been lucky so far. It could break in 30 secs,30 mins or 30 days. Don't know if that is an interference engine or not, but if it is and the belt breaks, can really cause you to put out some BUCKS.

posted by  lectroid

I would do the timing belt

posted by  barretire

Timing belt should have been replaced at 60,000 but will admit I go 100,000 on my Corolla Clone.

When it breaks you have to walk from that point, so make sure you always have warm jackets and shoes in the car and keep the cell phone charged. Be prepaired to pay the tow truck driver.

Only good news is Corolla do not bend all the valves when they break.

posted by  Boatist

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