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Hello, I was trying to instlal a new head unit in my car. I had all the wires exposed and when I turned on the car, two of them touched and made a zzzzz noise. Now the lights behind the AC controls dont turn on, the lights on the mirror dont turn on, and the dash isn't lit up. PLease tell me its just a fuse.
Few other questions:
-Is replacing a cracked flywheel an easy task?
-How can I determine which wires are which on my stock radio if their is no diagram, can i test them with multi meter or something? THANKS, Brian

posted by  BrianSZ

Sounds like a fuse to me, but what type car is it? Newer cars have a lot of areas that can fry with a power surge. Replacing a cracked flywheel typically requires removal of the engine and transmission Which is a pretty big job unless it's an old VW. Usually black is ground and power is red. Others are speakers and smaller guage (usually) careful because sometimes there's a second power (unswitched) line.

The easyest approach will be to find a wiring diagram and code the wires by color. It's important to get the polarity on the speaker wires correct.


posted by  Comanderbob

Removal of transmission typical? Yes. Removal of engine typical? No.

posted by  DodgeRida67

It sounds like a fuse

posted by  barretire

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