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hey guys

i previously had 225/45 17" tires on my rims. i recently got into an accident, and i need a new set of tires. how do i know what size to use? i heard that the wrong size messes up your speedometer and whatnot. my friend has a set of 205/40 tires that i can get for cheap, but i dont know if i can use these. i have a '93 camry


posted by  lakers3021

Check out www.tirerack.com, very good place to do business and they are more than eager to help. Been using them since 1993.They can calculate the proper tire sizes for you.

posted by  lectroid

Dave, go to this link and enter both tire sizes. It will calculate how much difference in the speedo it will cause. http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html

posted by  EricC

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