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i got some doubt that relate on Civic, pls do anyone guide me, ok? tq first

1. is there a way to pull the car higher, i mean the car is too low, can i make it higher by changing the Absorber??? :screwy:

2. i felt my car is too noisy inside whenever passby lousy road(Malaysia boleh!!! :fu: ) or sometime when i speedup to a certain speed, why???

3. what the most important thing driving in an auto gear car??? fuel, oil, belt???

4. where can i get some reliable car accesories and rim??? now m in KL.

tq, my wording is very bad(cos new), hope can understand :banghead:

posted by  ah_beng78

1. Yes. Any car can be lifted. How much work would be involved is totaly dependant on the vehicle however.

2. Turn up your radio. It's probably just you. :thumbs:

3. You mean the most important fluid to keep your eye on? All fluids. Especially the oil, which is true in all cases.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Ok Man, yor car prob. gets louder about the time you get to third gear. it sucks i know but not much to do about it.
the best thing you can do to get rid of the noise is use "Fat Mat" floor covering for the transmition noise. use the stuff for the floor first. works great and it'll save your ears from the road noise and the radio. cheaq to!!!
they have liner thats better than dinamat for a great price as well. 100 ft. fopr a 100 bucks. enough for the whole car. :thumbs:

posted by  klnshavn

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