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Hey wasup, im new to the board...
Im buying a classic mini in the next couple of months and there is one question that has been in my mind for a long time. After reading all the disadvandages and advantages of turbocharging and supercharging I am quite confused but I realise to get the best out of a mini you really need to do one of them, right?
I know how they both work, but which is the best for a mini??
I'd really appreciate some opinions on this one? Has anyone on this board turbod, or supercharged a mini before? What are the results etc?

posted by  stefan

OK, this was the correct section of this forum to put the thread right? As it is not really Repairs of Maintenance...?

posted by  stefan

I am new to the boards as well but it is my understanding that a turbocharger is generally a better way to go. It is more fuel efficient and gives you much more of a boost. I wouldn't take my word as the sole sorce of your decision. Ask around with any friends or whatever that have worked with minis. Good luck on that!

posted by  mistertrip

OK, thats true about the fuel effeciency, but a mini doesnt really use much fuel in the first place so its not much of an issue. Yes, I will get more of a boost, but its a delayed boost - with the supercharger you get the boost pretty much straight away. Also cost is a bit of an issue and I believe it would be cheaper with the supercharger. also a bit easier to do. What does everyone else think? Am I on the right path?

posted by  stefan


posted by  stefan

You just answered your own question....didn't you? To be honest a Supercharger is more instant (as you already stated), but will probably cost you more. A turbo has the lag but, depending on what type you go for, shouldn't be as costly! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

turbo boost is good. supercharger speeding up engine timing is bad.turbos have a little lag on the boost end but they won't blow a belt and take out your engine. you can find a turbo that produces boost almost emmidiately. get the right set up and the supercharger won't even compare.

posted by  moparboy

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