2003 Saturn L300 Tire Wear and Stability Problem

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We bought our L300 in the summer of 2003. It has appr. 16,000 miles on it. We had been noticing, for several months, a "side-to-side jerking feeling" in the rear end when hitting potholes. We brought it to the dealership who said alignments were only covered in the 1st 12,000 miles (which he later agreed to pay for). They performed a "4 wheel alignment" on it. It turned out that both rear tires were damaged and were replaced by Saturn at no charge. When the shop foreman test drove the car, he admitted feeling the "jerking motion", test drove a similar 2005 L300, and said that it was "just the way L300's handle.
Anyone have similar experiences? I'm concerned about having to replace 2 tires already, needing an alignment and the "jerking motion". I've never had such experiences with other vehicles so soon after purchase. Thanks. :banghead:

posted by  electricajun

I would keep an eye on the tires & look for the same problem happening again

posted by  barretire

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