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ok, just bought an old sunbird and am wondering what the spark plug gap is suppose to be for that car?
also, what is the cylinder numbering and firing order?
looking from the front of the engine how are the cylinders laid out?
and how is the distrubitor cap laid out to hook up?
the car also spitters and sputters a bit when beginning to accelerate? any ideas?

posted by  katt68

.045 Spark plug gap.

posted by  DodgeRida67

according to Chiltons manual 28320, the firing order for the 89 2.0 engine is 1-3-4-2. It is a distributorless ignition so the plug wires plug directly into the ignition coils. When looking at the coils with the wires connecting at the left side, the 1st wire (top or forwardmost) is number one, then 4 then 2, then 3. Keep in mind that there are actually two coils, packaged as one unit.

As far as the rough idle, they don't address that too clearly, but it has been my experience with my pontiac with the 3.1 engine that one of the coil packs went bad...once replaced, problem solved. I don't know if it will be the same for you, but something to explore nonetheless.

Hope this helps

posted by  dennikro

DR67, I just gotta check in to keep you strait from time to time. How can you make the flat statement of .045" plug gap? Are you sure it's not .035"? You don't even know which 2.0l is in it. So here goes.

1. .045" or .035" depending on which 2.0 you have.

2. 1,2,3,4

3. 1,3,4,2

4. All cylinders are equal distance from the front of the car. From the accesory drive end (front of engine) they are 1,2,3,4

5. Huh?

6. Uh, yep.

posted by  vwhobo

Check your Chiltons again on the DIS and get back with us on it. I'll give you a hint. The first year for a 2.0 Sunbird to be DIS was... never.

posted by  vwhobo

Good catch on the gap VWHobo. If Katt68 is now wondering what engine is in the car, the way to identify it is through the VIN number. Check the VIN and look at the 8th character. It should be a "K", "M", or "1". A "K" designation would be .045 gap while the "M" and "1" would be .035. If there is still a sticker in the engine compartment, it should verify this as well. Again, this is what Chilton's is saying.

posted by  dennikro

Checked. It MAY be DIS depending on the engine. Chilton's did not designate by model but does say on page 2-7 of manual 28320, "The Direct Ignition System (DIS) or Electronic Ignition (EI) is used on the 1987-92 2.0L (VIN 1 and H), 2.2L (VIN G and 4), and all 1987 and later 2.8L (VIN W) and 3.1L (VIN T) engines. The DIS or EI system does not use the conventional distributor and ignition coil."

That is under the general description page of the DIS system and makes no note on what models came with what engines specifically.

posted by  dennikro

Good gravy Gertrude, when will you learn? It's real nice that you apparently have a Chilton CD in your computer but please give us a break. The only engines available in a Sunbird in '89 were VIN K and M and they were not DIS. Please stop grasping at straws. Actual working knowledge and experience will prevail over "book smarts" every time. It's time to give it up and move on. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

You just gotta love this man. :thumbs: He gives you what you need to know and then, just a little bit more. :laughing:

posted by  lectroid

1) my name is not Gertrude, never has been, never will be.

2) you have a bad habit of assuming things...something you profess to hate

3) you definately win on this one since I have incomplete sources. Go figure, it's a Chilton's.

4) your attempts to be condescending are certainly noteworthy.

5) your knowledge is extensive..no doubt about that

6) to give up would be tantamount to failure...hence the challenges.

7) definately no argument from me on working knowledge/experience vs "book smarts". But you gotta start somewhere and you are definately the inspiration!

posted by  dennikro

Oh yeah, that would help. Most '89 Sunbirds used the TBI and not the fuel injected turbo, correct? Which was .045. ........I think? :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Hate to tell you this but your blowing smoke. The first year of the DIS was never? Alright than you find the distro on my car please *I have a 94 sunbird* No seriously where is it :P.

posted by  Dart

Just thought you might wanna see under the hood too.

posted by  Dart

No, I made a simple mistake and I now stand corrected. I meant Sunbirds with the 2.0 TPI but failed to specify such.

By the way, if you're such an expert why can't you figure out your tach?

posted by  vwhobo

Because on the schematics it says a white wire is supposed to be connected to the tach. I have looked high and low and no nothing helped. Finally I just took my Multimeter and started probing them all. It was a freaking yellowish grey wire! thats why I had probs. And I never did say I was an expert. I have just been reading some of your posts, you gotta ease up man this is a forum for asking questions.

How ever I do see that you do know alot I was just correcting you not comming off as a jack ass :)

posted by  Dart

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