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My daughters brought me her 2000 Alero which she described as sounding like an airplane and grinding noise. Well the grinding noise was the front passanger brake. inter pad was gone, so I replaced front pads and rotor on passanger side. She had a boyfreind do these brakes about a year ago, not sure what he did wrong, probably didn't clean and lubercate the slides for one, since both inter (cylinder side) pads were realy worn but the outers appeared almost new. And she tells be that after he did it her ABS, TRAC and SERVICE ENGINE SOON lights have been on, She brought it to a dealer and they told her the lights were on because he must of beared a wire to a sensor and to correct it the whole harness would need to be replaced. OK thats one issue. But the main issue I need assistance with is the "airplane noise".
After doing the brakes, with the car up on stands I put it in gear and it sounds like something is rubbing on one of the axles. I stopped one wheel at a time hoping it would tell me which side had a problem, the noise did NOT go away when only one wheel was spinning. I took it for a test drive and the noise is loud. It it there weather in drive, reverse or rolling in neutral. It does go away when I turn the wheel slightly to the right going forward. I know I'm not sopose to diagnoise here, but I'm thinking bearings. If so which one and proceedure for replacing would be apreciated. If not ignore my diagnoises and give me yours.
Thanks in advance for any/all advice.

posted by  kidsmechanic

With the wheels off the ground, a 4T60/65E transmission will make noise. This is normal. The pan gasket on this trans is reuseable. Drop the pan and look for any signs of metal. If you find metal, stop and get ready to go into the trans. No metal, take a closer look at the hub bearings (a mechanic's stethoscope will help). If the noise goes away while driving and turning to the right (the left bearing is loaded at this time) it is most likely the right side hub bearing making the noise.

posted by  EricC

I agree with your diagnosis of bearing, because of course a tranny will make noise, but not really a grinding noise I'd not think. Anyways I have a 99 Alero that had the same issue, I replaced rotor/pads on front passenger wheel, and a day later my rotor was already torn to shreds, I got it into the dealer, because I didn't even wanna risk driving it all the way through town to my house as it was so bad it would not back up down a slope unless given gas. So I drove it just into town and got it there, 500+ for the main wheel bearing to be replaced, but you shoulda seen the old one, not looking good. However I could easily be wrong, I'd still say odds are it is the bearings.

posted by  Flame Roller

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