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I've a 306 1.4 1993 petrol XN. When stopped at lights the engine warning light came on. After a little investigation I found that the timing belt tensioner had snapped. Now I have replaced the tensioner and checked the timing which is spot on but the car refuses to start, I have manually turned the engine a few revelutions with a socket on the flywheel. It turns around with no problems. I've also checked the spark plugs which are undamaged. The valves are also undamaged. The car has petrol and the plugs are dry. We have tried to push start the car which does not work either. Any ideas?

posted by  ReVolt`

You have me confused so lets get this strait. Does the engine turn over or not when the key is turned to START?

posted by  DodgeRida67

The timing belt goes around when trying to start it but the engine does not fire up, ive checked all 4 spark plugs are sparking

posted by  ReVolt`

Hmmm...if the tensioner was loose, it could be possible that the belt jumped a few notches and could certainly be 180 degrees off. It's a pretty slim chance that it would be exactly 180 off, but certainly possible. I would do a static check of the timing and make sure all the marks line up along with #1 cylinder being at TDC (or what ever degrees before or after TDC it needs to be).

posted by  dennikro

oh! A TU_14 engine! I had one of these on a Citro├źn BX. It's a wonderfull engine.
What about the ignition module, or something related to ignition? Once I had a problem in an old Fiat Tipo. It's engine didn't start when the delco got wet each time it was rainy. And what about the injection module?


posted by  karburator

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