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Ok, so my dad bought a 2002 Camry a few years ago. The car is keyless entry ready but the guy he bought it from, who was a private dealer of sorts, "lost" the original keyless remote. but he had a drawer full of spare remotes. So he grabbed a toyota one and gave it to my dad. When my dad called the dealership, they said it would be like $100+ or some crap. My dad didn't care enough so he gave up. I recently found the remote and he gave me the background, etc etc. I tried finding instructions on the internet by searching by fcc id and model num, etc. No luck. A few sites were selling them and they said it was easy to setup but they provide the instructions upon purchase. So, I decided to try the forums.
Does anyone know how I could program the remote to work with his car? That is, without an original remote, because I have been told that is the easiest way to do it and I, of course, cannot as we have no original remote.
The FCC ID is HYQ1512Y.

Thanks in advanced!

posted by  mistertrip

Dealership or no dice.

posted by  DodgeRida67

u know, that's what i thought. But in my searches on the internet for instructions, I found someone selling the remote that we have on ebay. I e-mailed him because he said in his description that he would provide instructions upon request and purchase. He e-mailed me back saying that he likes helping people out and there are some instructions for anyone to use at home. Nothing special. Just need your key and to be able to read the instructions. Here they are for anyone who might want to use them as well.

posted by  mistertrip

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