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Hello, my name is J.R. and I am from Louisville. I am new (all of five minutes) to this online community.

I hate to start with a question but I desperately need assistance with installing a new side mirror on a '97 Nissan Altima.

I was told that I can do the install without having to first remove any interior door panels. I'm one single screw away from that being an accurate statement.

One of three primary screws (from the inside) is obstructed by a piece of paneling that I can not figure out (or even want) to remove.

Does this situation sound familiar to anyone who can help?

If I do have to remove the panel, how is that best accomplished?

Any and all assistance or advice is GREATLY appreciated.

J.R. Reed

posted by  james_r_reed

I was able to get to the third and final screw and make the mirror switch/install.

My final obstacle is figuring out how to get to where I need to in order to insert or plug in the motor wires. It appears to be about six inches further away than I can get to.

I fear that it may require removing some door panels.

Any advice is appreciated.

posted by  james_r_reed

Ok, there are two main reasons....possibly even three, as to why you've received no answers to your question, the first being that this is in the wrong place (General)..So I'll move it..To the Intro section...No, the R&M section...see where I'm confused? lol :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

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