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Alright. Im a student who has taken up a new project (none running '79 CJ5 Jeep). I have acquired this from my uncle (original owner). He rebuilt the engine 4 years ago and hasnt touched it nor put any miles on it. So of course the gaskets and hoses are non existent. But my question is aobut the rust.
It has some body rust that has gone through completely (the biggest is ~4"x6", the other half a dozen spots are smaller). What is the best way to patch these? I know of a handful of ways, but dont know which to use. (weld a patch in its place or weld a piece behind it and bondo ontop... then there is the issue of which bondo to use if i take that route.. the regular, one with fiber glass, or actaully put a fiberglass piece in and bondo on top of that.)
This jeep will be mostly used for offroading and play time. So it will be hit by water, mud and rocks. I dont know which is the best way to repair this, any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks

posted by  lv4myCJ

Sorry man, I'm not terrific with rust repairs... but I can give you a few suggestions, seeing as I just did a bunch of work last week patching up my car. - For the most part I used this guy's directions, using the tools I had. In the end, it turned out really good and I've got many compliments on the job I did.

Just a pre-warning if you're using bondo, don't buy the 'shitty blue stuff'. ****, I don't remember what it's called now - maybe someone else knows? Anyway, it's a sticky blue substance, akin to toothpaste, and it's ****ing awful. Use the original, mix with fiberglass and you'll be set.

Of course Bondo isn't permanant, so if you can weld and shape metal... do it.

Hope that gives you a little bit of insight. I posted a similar question awhile back and didn't get any replies. So hopefully this helps a little.

posted by  '89Camry

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