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I'm lost and so is everyone that I've taken my problem to. I bought this in 98 and it had roughly 45k miles on it. It now has just under 69k. The car has a V6 engine, power windows and locks with a BOSE FM/Cassette sound system, air conditioning, dual air bags, and ABS, all factory equipped, nothing more.
My problem is electrical and has been occuring over the past 4 years or so. When you go to start the car, sometimes it gets "interrupted" but will start when you retry. This has only happened a few times each year but nonetheless is troubling, as the last time that it did so, when I restarted the car, the stereo did not come back on. No clock and no stereo to this day. Everything else worked (lights & accessories) and the car ran fine but, no radio. It seems that the alternator is only good for anywhere from 12 to 18 months at best, and I've replaced batteries almost as often.
The system has been checked for draw, and there is none. Batteries have load tested fine. I've always used the manufacturer's suggested aftermarket replacement parts. Well, again I am replacing an alternator and the mechanic says he did not find a draw on the battery.
What's with this car? Anyone know/have any ideas? Your input is greatly appreciated! :clap:

posted by  Grover

Loose or dirty connections can cause this. What do you mean by "interrupted?" Do you mean it turns over, and stops turning over before its cranked, and you have to turn the key all over again?

posted by  DodgeRida67

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