Chirping noise in 01 Taurus at Idle. Help??

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I own a 2001 Ford Taurus that two weeks ago starting giving a chirping or clicking sound from under the hood .. no-one can pinpoint exactly what it is. No error codes display, and engine appears to run fine with no loss of MPG. Engine is 3.0 fuel injected, 75k miles, well maintained, no recent problems. No real cold weather here and car is a commuter with about 25 total miles driven daily. Sound is only heard at idle so as the engine speeds up sound is drowned out, or goes away. Sound is coming from the right side of the block, not the left side belts, and some days/times is non-existant and sometimes very loud to the driver, like at stop signals. One Ford service tech thinks it is a Synchronizer Assembly that is out of round and scraping, while another thinks it is the Crankshaft position sensor off line and being hit by the flywheel. I can do some maintenance, as I just replaced a camshaft sensor in my 98 Windstar, but I don't want to tackle this, or pay a service tech to start tearing at it, until I am more assured WHAT is causing it. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

posted by  kirkwwhite

I know this is not the type of answer you would expect or want, but my advice to you is to just leave it alone.

posted by  DodgeRida67

If the camshaft sensor is anything like the 97 model, all you have to do it pop the cap off (held by two screws) and take a look. Mine just broke, and it seems to be a common issue. but then again, look at my handle and take that into consideration. My taurus was making that exact same noise, then it finnaly completly broke and I didn't know there was something still wrong until my check engine light came on and I recieved code 0340.

posted by  noviceguy

Replace the camshaft sensor and drive this is your noise very common. The drive will break the sensor on top off at some point. The car will still run but the service engine light will be on

posted by  Rhino77_99

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