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HI, Im looking for anyone who can help me with my truck. As you can see from the title I have a 1990 Mazda B2600 4x4. It is a 5 speed with out a/c (not sure if it maks a differance) The problem I am having is the ABS light is on and the rear brakes lock up when applied and the rear end swings around :eek: Also the e brake light is on and wont go off. The ABS light is comes on as soon as the truck is started and does not go off.
So far I have started out by retrieving the DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes) I dont remember the code number but, the code caused me to replace the ABS hydraulic unit. This is located on the right side, under the bed and above the rear axle. This part is about 6 in long and no more than 3 in thick in any spot. It has 2 brake lines going to it and a 4 pin conector coming out of it.
Any way, after replacing this unit the e brake light now goes off when it is released. The ABS light goes off for a little while but when it is driven for a minute it comes back on. While the light is off the brakes still lock up :banghead:
If any one could give me some advice Id really appreciate it, because I havent been able to figure it out :screwy:
Thanks for any help...Matt

posted by  goodwrencher21

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