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Well I have a problem with my 96 cavalier(5 spd).. It will not start!

A summary: Went a local store, 10 minutes later went to start the car and it was a no go. It's like trying to start it without pressing in the clutch. It doesn't turn over.

The battery was bad.. Replaced it and still the same thing, so I had the starter and alternator checked and both are good. The fuel pump turns on, I replaced the battery cables and cleaned all the connections.

Replaced the neutral/safety switch but still the same. All the fuses are good and there's power to everything.

posted by  96cavalier

Just keep changing parts... It'll start eventually. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

Haha, yeah. :hi:

No there's not. If there was it would start, now wouldnt it? :wink2:

It's simple. Get a multimeter with the ignition turned to the start position, clutch in, and start at the battery, work your way to the starter. You'll lose power somewhere along the way, and that will reveal your problem.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Already did that.. Everything is good, I'm at a loss here.

posted by  96cavalier

everythin cant be good if it wont start. :smoke: anywayz run a jumper from b+ to starter and see if it cranks. on starter is two wires.. big one from b+ and small one to seleniod coming from control side. basically we r bypassing key and other control side curcuit.. when work ur way backwords.. could just be relay crapped out.
have some 1 hold key to crank and u probe various places for electricity.

posted by  thongsai

Something doesn't add up. If your starter checked out OK - and you have power to your starter...nah. One of those things I just said is a negitive.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Listen to me and listen to me carefully. Do not ever come in here giving sloppy electrical "information" as such. That is sloppy as hell and could really get this person in trouble if she attempted to do what you attempted to explain. I've been working with electricity for along time and I know what it can do if extreme safety isnt used.

posted by  DodgeRida67

how is that sloppy?? i told him to work backwards. of course maybe i should tell him to have gear in neutral and parking brake up.. basically i wanted him to test his starter..
if it works then its a control side. this problem should be simple

control side:
b+----fuse---key----neutral/park switch---starter relay----ground

B+---fuse??----starter relay----starter selenoin----starter case ground.

hey 96cavalier, do u have anti theft installed? those things can prevent cranking if u have an open on its main curcuit.

posted by  thongsai


posted by  barretire

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