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Call me stupid, but i want to put a new engine into my '95 accord. i just got the car when i got my license and it was 178,000 miles on it :banghead: . i dont want to have to worry about the thing dyin on me and i want to be able to enhance the engine without paying towards a worthless cause. as of now, the car is all show and i just want a new engine. what type of engine could i get that would fit into my car..and how much about do u think it would run me. i dont know much about cars so i dont know if im wrong in saying i want a whole new engine..haha..feedback would be well appreciated.

posted by  Ir8i8sh

Here is some feedback. Check out the attachment. Pay special attention to the big bold red capital letters.

posted by  DodgeRida67

sorry i dont have any help for you...but ignore the assholes bitching about the big bold red letters...hopefully someone thoughtful will help you

posted by  emokids518

Maybe we should just ignore the e-tards who can't read directions... You know, like you. :thumbs:

BTW, if you spent as much time paying attention as you do bitching you wouldn't be in this situation. Ding ding, it's time for you to get a clue.

posted by  vwhobo

That wouldn't be someone "thoughtful" it would be an ass kisser. It works like this. If you want help, you should put some effort forth to receive that help. If you can't take a minute to read the rules of this forum, we don't have a minute to help you. It goes both ways - you see - he didn't have time for us (reading the rules) and we don't have time for him. Unless you do things right in this world, you won't get ahead.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Funnily enough, those 'big bold letters' are there for a reason...So I'll copy this to the right place :ticking:

posted by  Cliffy

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