anyone ever restorate an old car?

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Yes, many. If you're looking for advice the biggest thing to look for is rust. Then realize that there is usually twice as much as you think. If you're doing an actual restoration also look for completeness (trim, glass, etc) because parts for a '39 Ford aren't growing on trees. If you're modifying it that is easier because you don't need to be by the book correct.

Final note. Give it a realistic budget for what you're doing. Then double that because it ALWAYS costs more than you think. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

just wondering if anyone here has done such a project. im thinking about going to a junkyard and forkin over 100 bucks for a 1939 ford 3/4 pickup. it seems to be a solid vehicle but it needs ALOT of work i see :D
just wondering if anyone here has undergone such an event


posted by  Dog Green

like whats already been said, check the completeness of the truck. things like dashboard clocks (speedo, gauges etc) are hard to find. any rust on something like you're looking at can usually be repaired and panels can have repair sections let in or you can make new ones yourself if you're feeling brave. there are also lots of specialists who can custom-make windshields and rubber seals and you may find parts from other cars of the era were used on that model, and may be more easily found too!
its all down to how much time, money and effort you're prepared to invest in a project. i've restored 4 cars and spent much more on them than they're worth but the finished result is worth much more than just money
good luck!

posted by  mrguppgupps

yeah time is what i dont have now, so im going to store the car in our pole barn for some time and come back when i have money and time. this seems like a fun and fullfilling project for me. but the rear left fender is missing and the seats look shot to shit :D and the engine isnt in the car too

posted by  Dog Green

I saw your post about the '39 Ford p/u(nice truck). I see you posted the message in 2003,and I'm curious to know if you forked over the $100.00 or not.I've worked on a number of vehicles for myself and my brother in the past. Presently I have a 1933 Plymouth that's just sitting in the garage collecting dust(my wife calls it flowerpot..going to fill with dirt and picked it up about 6 years ago and decided to let it sit till I had time. Well I went through a job change due to layoff, and now I drive truck (longhaul).Now I don't have any time at home to work on it.Should have started when I first got it. I have a number of friends(and brother) who are all into car restoration,and we all help each other in the areas we are strongest at. That helps cut costs,and provides a wealth of information. I've put my '33 up for sale,and I'm looking for something that is already running,so I can enjoy a nice ride with out trying to "find the time" for the next ten years.Good luck with your project.

posted by  unclebukk

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posted by  vwhobo

Yeah, I restorate cars all the time. :roll:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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